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Given the recent financial crisis in our country, every American needs to read Road Rules! We need to get back to our core values and principles that guide us to make the right long term decisions, as Andrew so brilliantly demonstrates in this book. It has become increasingly hard to do the "right thing" because of societal pressures, distractions, and temptations.

Terry Thorson Cox,
President & CEO
Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) supported by Inc. Magazine




Road Rules is simple and clear, yet profound in its depth and clarity. Andrew provides the tools to develop your personal road map for satisfaction in both your personal and professional life.

Senior Vice President, Bank of America
Global Middle Market Banking




If you can only read one self-help book this year, Road Rules should be on the top of your list. Andrew Sherman has written a wise, witty and inspirational guide to a meaningful life.

Co-founder and Chair, Vital Voices Global Partnership
(former chief of staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton)




Road Rules rocks! This is a truly insightful book from one of the world's great business advisors. Discover your vision and heart in this warm and playful book. Andrew J. Sherman brings his wisdom and humanity to our journey through life. Enjoy.

Dr. Bob Rosen,
CEO of Healthy Companies International, psychologist, and best-selling author of Just Enough Anxiety and Leading People




I can't think of anyone who knows how to squeeze more juice out of 24 hours
of a life than Andrew Sherman! His grasp of what drives and motivates
people is unparalleled. If anyone is qualified to teach us about what makes
for a successful "Road Rules" experience, it's Andrew!

Margarita Rozenfeld
Chief Visionary
YES! Circle


This is the handbook I wish I would have had at 16. It would have made the ride of life much smoother! Road Rules gives us all a navigational guide to the values that we all embrace but don't always follow. Fasten your seatbelts!

Dara Feldman
Director of Educational Initiatives
Virtues Project International


Andrew J. Sherman's Road Rules is a great book filled with insights for both early stage as well as seasoned entrepreneurs alike, but within its covers include life lessons for all of us. Two thumbs way up!

Cliff Michaels
One Day MBA Success Courses on Demand
Past President, Young Entrepreneurs' Organization Los Angeles


For over 20 years those of us in the business world have been privileged to receive Andrew Sherman's wisdom, experience and insights through his articles, books and talks. Now the rest of the world will experience the same in his fabulous new book "Road Rules." A book you will start and want to drive through to the end in one sitting. This little book is destined to become a bestseller as it's practical wisdom applies to every facet of your life.

Andrew Szabo,
The Marketing Chef-Author of Foundations to Irresistible Marketing.


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