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One of the central themes of Road Rules is that it is never ever too late to change your path, your driving instructor, your driving style, the vehicle that you drive, the passengers or cargo you carry, the road you are on or the path you will take. You are in control of shaping your own destiny; you have the power, the tools, the resources and the energy to influence and to change some or all of these life defining variables as you plan and progress on your journey.

The time you spend behind the wheel, however uninspiring it may be, teaches you more about lifeís most meaningful lessons than you might think. From speed and direction, to knowing when it is time to refuel or change lanes, the rules you must follow on the road are not dissimilar from the rules you must live by.... and to set the life priorities and goals that matter most.

The subtitle of the book refers to the players in the ecosystem of the highway. On the road of life you want to be closer to the truck -- strong, confident and as a carrier of valuable cargo, than the squirrel, who scrambles in disarray in search of its next acorn.

Andrew J. Sherman has spent 25 years navigating the freeways and back roads of life. The author of 17 business strategy books, Road Rules is the first of his published works to share his life experiences with others. With wit and enthusiasm he provides his perspective on the lessons he has learned along the way. You will never view your morning commute the same.

The 12 Essential Rules for Navigating the Road of Life


Be the truck. Not the squirrel.



Share the road



Happiness is a clear windshield



Embrace your dashboard


Pay careful attention to the road signs of life


Be guided by your navigational system



Donít fear the back roads



Be an all-weather driver


Accidents can happen even to the best drivers


Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear


Life is a four-way intersection



Donít judge a driver by his vehicle

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